Additional event at NAGs - message from SNZ

Additional event at NAGs

The 2014 Youth Olympics has a male 800m freestyle event instead of the usual 1500m freestyle. As New Zealand Age Groups is the designated selection meet for Youth Olympics it is important that we include this event into the programme. This event will be a non-championship event being used for selection purposes only, hence the top 10 applications from New Zealand swimmers only will be accepted for this race (no entry fee will be changed for this event). Only swimmers that meet the age stipulated for the Youth Olympics will be accepted for entry and that is for athletes born from 1st January 1996 to 31st December 1999. Swimmers must have a time faster than 8.50.00 to be considered. All swimmers interested in competing should have their entry submitted by their club and regional recorder with their other entries, but only the top 10 plus 2 alternates will be listed in the psych sheets. The male 800m freestyle event will occur at the end of day two after the relay events.

Posted: Thu 06 Feb 2014